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Paver Maintenance

Paver Maintenance Tampa, FL Paver stones are widely used in many applications in the outdoor spaces of a residential property. These resilient and durable units are used for driveways, pathways, entranceways, patios, decks, poolscapes etc. You can choose from pavers made of brick, natural stone or concrete and these are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. While these units are very strong, they still need regular care to maintain their integrity and to keep them looking new.

Fox Hollow Enterprises Inc. provides excellent Landscaping services to customers in and around Winter Haven, Tampa, Orlando, St Cloud and Lakeland. They also serve a number of customers across Kissimmee, Brandon, Plant City and have handled projects in Haines City as well as Poinciana. They provide a variety of paving services:

Paver Cleaning

Pavers can start looking dull and drab if they aren’t cleaned with regularity. Moss, mildew, oil stains and dirt and debris take their toll. Foot and vehicular traffic also affect the surfaces of the pavers. This is why these features require regular cleaning. The company that handles the job will pressure clean the surfaces a few times a year and will remove any buildup of moss and mildew they see there. This cleaning is typically followed by seal coating the surfaces.

Paver Sealing

This treatment is a great way to keep the pavers looking new and clean at all times. Since the paving installations are largely open to the air, they tend to deteriorate over time. Oil stains from parked vehicles and dirt and debris affect the appearance and integrity of the pavers, this is why you should get the pavers sealed. This coating adds to the resilience of the surface and the protective coating makes the surface stain and dust-resistant. This adds to the longevity of the feature.

Paver Restoration

Paver installations are extremely strong and long lasting and don’t really get damaged easily. However, in case there is any damage to the pavers due to a heavy impact, it is important that you get them repaired without delay. A well-established landscaping company would be able to provide you with customized paver restoration services. Since these are individual units, only the damaged pieces would have to be replaced. The joints may be sanded and the surface sealed.

Paver Repairs

When you want to get any paver repairs done, it’s important that you hire an experienced company for the job. Pavers are extremely resilient and they don’t get damaged very often. However, if you do find any damage to the paver installation in your garden or yard, you should call your landscape contractor and have it fixed without delay. They will carry out the paver repairs promptly and will ensure that the new units match the units that exist in that space.

A well planned landscape adds to the functionality, value and beauty of your property. When you want landscape solutions that will meet your requirements and fit into your budget, look for a company like Fox Hollow Enterprises Inc. to provide you the solutions you need.


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